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The Composer uses Sound to Articulate Relationship with Environment.

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Composers engaging with the mental, physical, collaborative and environmental processes of music making, embody concerns that are recurring in music and sound art today. The use of technologies to generate, simulate and sonify sounds in the environment is also pointing beyond issues of performance practice and instrument design. The environment? Humans are part of complex interconnected ecosystems in constant flux. The composer? Organising sound and making audible the inaudible, can help articulate these relationships through music rather than human language. (more…)

David Zicarelli – on women and Max/MSP

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

David Zicarelli, founder and CEO of Cycling 74, company behind Max/MSP, introducing the design decisions behind the very different Max 5. The design improvements really reflect an attempt to incorporate creative users needs, aiming for fluency in programming so that the creative process is allowed to take the foreground.


Landscape with Alvin Lucier

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Landscape with Alvin Lucier  “With and without purpose” : excerpts from the interview by Robert Ashley in his Music with Roots in the Aether (first text edition 2000 MusikTexte Cologne, but made for television 1975?)

I’ve selected these comments on the following topics from the interview:

  • technology and feeling – emotions in music
  • functionality and musical choice
  • distilling ideas, like pure alcohol
  • two-dimensional notation, three-dimensional sound in space
  • technology as a landscape
  • physicality of fly-fishing and sound
  • in and out of balance, with and without purpose (more…)

Notes on Walled Garden, Flwr Pwr

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Flwr Pwr: Tending the Walled Garden, moderated by Matt Ratto. Ideas from the building and discussion of emergent behaviors and communications in networked environments. Workshop during the Walled Garden working conference held at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam 20 – 21 November 2008 (more…)

Gregory Bateson on Cetacean Communication

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Gregory Bateson Steps to an Ecology of Mind (1972 Ballantine Books, New York)

Notes on “Problems in Cetacean and other Mammalian Communication” (first published 1966, written while working for John Lilly and his dolphin centre in the Virgin Islands. pp 364 – 378)

In the problem of understanding Cetacean communication, mammals such as Dolphins and their sound production, is the difficulty of us as humans approaching communication that may have completely different goals and importance. Bateson describes the predominance of communication of relationship (love, hate, dependency etc) in non-human / non-linguisitc mammals, where there is no need for a language of data (humans have hands and manipulate objects and language is built out of this ability and necessity). The communication of relationship in humans is less explicit in language but can be found in gesture – proto-linguisitc communication – common to all mammals. (more…)

A Jackdaw In-Between (sound)

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

MP3 file: jackdaw in-between

A jackdaw (bird) has flown onto my roof and is making a series of complex sounds that appear to articulate something I can only try to understand. Its inflections of tone and timbre that irresistibly seem like language have drawn my attention and I have begun recording the sound. In doing so the jackdaw’s voice has made me shift my focus and listen to the environmental sounds outside my room in Amsterdam. My internal space – my concentration on the thoughts – is located in my physical room that is remarkably quiet, the only sound being my computer keyboard whilst I type this. The voice of the Jackdaw comes from just outside my space, I can’t see it, only hear as it sits and sounds the in-between space, so close as to be almost in the room. The sounds of Amsterdam then become clearer and present, although distant. The sound of the jackdaw is articulating an in-between, the intermedial, a moving back and forth between the internal, inside, to outside.

Scorescapes Workshop no1 – photos

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008


Thursday, October 30th, 2008

further with the score

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

the question is to extend the ideas of navigation landscape and environment to explore musical issues pertaining to expanded consciousness and communications where the score is the central figure. the (musical) score is not just notation but an entity or process where the communications between people through sound and site are catalyzed and channeled.