Lecture and Performance at KVNM Royal Society of Dutch Musicology

31 January 2009 at the Royal Society for Netherlands Musicology KVNM, during a congress on the future of dutch musicology – international, interdisciplinary and practice based research. Aula of the University of Utrecht.

“Scorescapes: Between the Map and the Music”  - Yolande Harris will present her recent work on sonic navigations, describing a musical journey that lies somewhere between the map and the music. Questions brought up by her project Sun Run Sun, that researched historical and modern techniques of navigation and their relationship to sound, ask us to rethink musical ideas of form, audience, instrument and stage. The Satellite Sounders, portable instruments designed to transform live satellite navigation data directly into electronic sounds as one walks, introduces issues of the composers choice in the sonification of data and the participants experiences and reactions. How do these elements re-map music, and what traditions from composers and visual artists can be drawn on to ground these works? Yolande will also introduce her current research towards an ‘environment composer’ addressing human and non-human sound ecologies and concepts such as techno-intuition. By (re-)situating our ecology and (re-)sounding the inaudible, the composer uses sound to articulate relationship with environment.

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